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25 Feb 2022
Women Beekeepers For Life

Beekeeping seems a fairly gender-neutral occupation in the UK today. It is true that the average man can carry more supers than the average woman, but we have all heard the maxim that ‘women make the best beekeepers because of their gentle handling techniques’.

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25 Feb 2022
honey production and bees keeping
Transforming Lives Through Beekeeping in Rural Kenya

Unlike the UK where beekeeping is often a hobby, in Kenya and other African countries it is principally for family food, income and sometimes medicine. It is an activity that can easily be carried out by men and women of any age. It is also an ideal activity for groups such as women’s groups, youth groups, men’s groups, church groups etc. as an income- generating activity. 

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01 Dec 2021
Native Bees in Kenya

Honey bees are fascinating creatures. They’ve got an incredible social structure within their hives, they play important roles in the pollination of many food plants we like, and honey is delicious. However, honey bees are also an introduced livestock species in North America and only one of about 4,000 kinds of bees found in North America.

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