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bees4kenya Learn More Economically empowered and Food Secure Households through Beekeeping Learn More The Potential of beekeeping to mitigate economic hardship

We raise the awareness of the benefits of beekeeping as a viable sustainable small business for income generation

What We Do?

Our services

Bees4Kenya provides education and technical advice on beekeeping and relevant business skills.Through our professionals trainers, we are able to reach out to the local beekeepers in Kenya to provide them with the necessary extension services and bee keeping skills.


Environment Care and Conservation

Good beekeeping practices and biosecurity measures in beekeeping are useful tools that the beekeeper can adopt in the apiary to guarantee the health of bees and humans consumers.

Trainers certification by British Beekeppers Association on Modern African Beekeeping

Beekeeping Training and Extension

Bees 4 Kenya provides education and technical advice on beekeeping and relevant business skills. We achieve this by setting up and supporting field extension services.


Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods

Beekeeping becomes a small business supplementing the income of our project participants. Money earned by selling honey is used to pay for school fees, medicines and household essentials.

We pride ourselves in years of transformation and societal impact

Our Project Partners


Community groups

Registered local community groups or non-governmental organisation who would like to learn beekeeping skills looking for help to start, or expand beekeeping activities


Currently Bees Abroad and CERA are supporting 5 project groups spread across Kenya and at various stages of development

Kenya-based Projects

Projects under Bees4Kenya have been mostly funded by Bees Abroad, UK in partnership with CERA. One exception was a project that was funded by DFID

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bees4Kenya will need to learn about the proposed project by completing the on-line form giving as much detail as possible and return it to: or make initial contact Bees4Kenya through Further help can be sought from the local government or the National Beekeeping Station for beekeeping courses

Our key business is bee keeping training and management. We engage in the following activities: 

Hive building.
Apiary siting.
Honey processing
Adding value to hive products – honey, beeswax and propolis to generate income.
Hive products packaging and standardisation.

Improving organisational skills for business, market and supply chain development,Raising awareness on environmental value of bees for crop pollination and improved yields as well as mitigating some effects of climate change

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